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Winemaking: A Message from Bailey Williamson

As much as it’s a cliché, I prefer to work harder in the vineyard and then shepherd the wine through its natural state to the final product. I view the grape growing and wine making process as ever-evolving. Mother Nature is a fickle mistress and can derail even the best of plans for the vineyard. What keeps it interesting is the need to adapt and overcome these unforeseen obstacles. The reward is the harvest! Seeing the grapes come in and be processed into juice and then surveying as they ferment in tank and barrel – it’s pure exaltation! After the long hours of harvest there is a giddiness amongst the crew as we sit back and contemplate the wines’ journey through the vineyard, the winery and into the bottle. It is this cycle of birth, growth, death, and regeneration that gives me the most joy and purpose as a winemaker and grape grower.

Gord Iverson